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The Difference Between a Victor and a Victim
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Sometimes there can be a fine line between winning and losing in life.

I’ve witnessed people who have been abused, downtrodden and come from terrible backgrounds live like champions, and seen people who have been given significant advantages and opportunities act like victims.
Most often, it’s not circumstances, but attitudes that define people and over the past few years, I’ve identified some of the mindsets that separate victors and victims:
Victors take responsibility when things go wrong – victims look for someone else to blame.

Victors look ahead with optimism and hope - victims see the future as a dark and scary place.

Victors see talented people as potential team-mates - victims see them as potential threats.

Victors are aware of their need to continue to develop and grow – victims think that life would be better if only everyone else would develop and grow.

Victors see challenges as an opportunity to overcome adversity - victims see them as more evidence that the universe is conspiring against them.

Victors plan for the future – victims worry about it.

Victors paddle their boat where they want it to go – victims go wherever the currents take them.

Victors understand that their life is a self-fulfilling prophecy - victims don’t know what that means, but their life becomes one anyway.

Victors regularly do the hard things – victims follow the path of least resistance.

Victors can’t imagine being anything else and feel free – victims can’t imagine being anything else and feel trapped.
Victor or victim.
Which one are you?

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